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Establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health UTeM (driving the) is consistent with the essence of the Enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994 which is dedicated to ensuring safety, health and welfare of the citizens guaranteed UTeM. Practice "Safe and Healthy Work Culture" is the slogan that we hold to ensure zero rate of occupational accidents and diseases in UTeM.


To achieve the vision and mission of the occupational safety and health (OSH) in UTeM reached, driving the party responsible for administering and implementing legislation relating to occupational safety and health in this UTeM. Among conducted by driving the mandate is to protect citizens and the related UTeM of diseases and work-related injuries. Especially matters related to safety, health and welfare of UTeM and others who may be affected by work activities a priority by driving the through activities conducted.


In order to ensure OSH UTeM, driving the parties undertake three major responsibility for setting standards, enforcement and promotion of occupational safety and health awareness. In order to keep driving the OSH pay more attention UTeM, all the activities are carried out periodically from time to time. To improve safety and health in UTeM further, and senior management UTeM UTeM generally need to unite and work together.


It will be a great honor for driving the party, senior UTeM can browse our website to obtain any information on the safety and health needs. In addition, there is also driving the facility or channel for our customers is also members of the public to voice their suggestions, feedback, complaints and inquiries. UTeM citizens are welcome to use this channel to give any input on safety and health issues. Driving the party has always worked hard and decide to meet in order to achieve the goal of making healthy and safe work culture as a daily practice of Malaysia.


Azwan Bin Aziz